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Whether you operate a table service restaurant, quick service eatery, bar, nightclub, or pizzeria, Restaurant Manager provides a POS solution to meet your needs. Restaurant Manager’s technology suite has been honed to provide a POS software package that is both fast and flexible. Whether its ease-of-use, check splitting, EMV processing, mobile payment acceptance, or real-time sales reporting, this POS software gives you all of the tools needed to boost your bottom line while delivering customer satisfaction.

Owners and managers who employ Restaurant Manager within their operation experience the following benefits:

Enhanced Dining Experience
Restaurant Manager offers features like check and item splitting and quicker wait times to provide maximum efficiency and optimization of your customers’ dining experience.

Quickly Trained Employees
An intuitive software interface is core to Restaurant Manager, meaning new employees can easily get up-to-speed and your training costs are dramatically reduced.

Powerful Management Information and Controls
Gain complete control over all operational and reporting functions to assess your restaurant’s daily performance.

Back Office Reporting
Robust and flexible reporting helps you make better business decisions. Leverage reports to improve and educate your management team and stay in compliance with local regulators.

Local Support and Expertise
Local Restaurant Manager resellers provide everything you need to install and support your system, enabling you to concentrate on your customers—not IT.


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