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Digital Order Management

Three ways digital order management can work for you:


Gain control

of all your delivery services, orders and performance data from one centralized tablet or compatible POS


Save time and money

by reducing missed orders, cancellations, order issues and more using auto-accept and order auditing


Unlock key insights

across all orders, cancelled orders, order volume, commission payout, location, brand and delivery service

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While the shift to increased online ordering and delivery presents your restaurant with new opportunities for growth, it can also mean juggling too many tablets and platforms.

Digital Order Management, powered by Otter, helps you take control of your online orders. Otter empowers your restaurant to integrate all your orders, delivery services and reporting into a single tablet or integrated into your compatible POS.

Manage and optimize your delivery by consolidating your delivery partners, orders and data into a single tablet or compatible POS and gaining insight into performance data from every angle, taking your business to the next level.

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2, Minimal Effort
Minimal Effort
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financial impact
Increase Revenue
Increase Revenue

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US Foods | CHECK Business Tools
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US Foods | CHECK Business Tools
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US Foods | CHECK Business Tools