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Inventory and Food Cost Control

Three ways Inventory and Food Cost Control can work for you:


Streamline purchasing

Connect what you buy from US Foods® with your inventory, recipes and POS sales.


Optimize Inventory

Real-time inventory that ties directly with your POS to optimize what you have in-stock based on usage and sales.


Simplify Invoices

Snap and scan invoices straight into Craftable and sync to accounting. Set up bill payment with just one-click.

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Significantly lower food, beverage and labor costs by combining your US Foods purchases with your sales. From ordering with vendors, costing every dish and counting every carrot, with Inventory and Food Cost Control, powered by Craftable, you can keep a watchful eye on variance and cost percentage without needing a stiff drink at the end. Craftable’s cloud-based platform is available to use on any device – desktop, tablet, or mobile phone.

Craftable integrates with your POS, allowing you to run business-critical reports for inventory management, including cost of goods, depletions, theoretical vs. actual inventory, variance for loss prevention and sales forecasting.

Get real-time inventory from any device with unlimited users on mobile apps, rich recipe and sub-recipe costing, actual vs. theoretical variance reporting and real-time integrations with your vendors.

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Moderate Effort
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Increase Revenue, Reduce Cost
Increase Revenue, Decrease Cost

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US Foods | CHECK Business Tools
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US Foods | CHECK Business Tools
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US Foods | CHECK Business Tools