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Staff Training

Three ways staff training can work for you:


Consistently onboard, cross-train, and advance your employees’ skills

Reduce time from hire to productive shift contributor, improve scheduling agility through multiple role training, and retain employees with career development opportunities


Monitor and Evaluate process compliance:

Implement digital checklists for trainer skill verifications, daily operations processes and compliance audits, for real-time visibility into locations across the operation



Empower employee success by providing the app-based support they desire - video training with interactive exercises, accessible in-the-moment resources, and opportunities to grow with the company

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To meet ever-changing customer expectations, digital training programs can enable operators to quickly onboard new staff, implement new processes and expand menu offerings, while maintaining a consistent experience across all locations.

Staff training, powered by ExpandShare, includes comprehensive, interactive, custom digital training curriculums complete with social communications and operational checklists, in an easy-to-use mobile app.

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Special Offers for staff training:

To support operators during this time, ExpandShare has created videos addressing COVID-19 concerns and delivery driver courses. These videos are available for free here.

ExpandShare has also created digital solutions for employee wellness checks and sanitation checklists to support reopening. Learn more about ExpandShare’s Employee Health Check feature here.

If you need food safety training for your team, ExpandShare has partnered with Always Food Safe to offer three ANSI accredited food safety certification courses for free or discounted pricing. Learn more about these courses here and to get started, submit an inquiry for ExpandShare.

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US Foods | CHECK Business Tools
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US Foods | CHECK Business Tools
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US Foods | CHECK Business Tools