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BarVision’s innovative technology transforms the way restaurants and bars do business. Our wireless Smart Spouts link pours to POS charges, enabling real-time pour visibility and analysis that drives reduced liquor inventory cost and increased profits.

We identify issues like heavy pouring and theft and work hand-in-hand with owners and managers to motivate their staff to pour precise, consistent drinks. When bartenders pour honestly and consistently, patrons are happier and more liquor inventory makes it into the POS.

BarVision’s solution starts with our patented, sensor-based Smart Spouts (and beer tap tags). These stainless steel, standard “four count” free pour spots are heavy duty, easy to clean, and require no button pushing. In addition, they:

  • Encourage high flow rate, accurate, and consistent pours
  • Fit snuggly on all types of liquor bottles
  • Precisely track pours and liquor inventory use

BarVision’s install time is typically less than three weeks, and our pricing structure is conducive to bars and restaurants of all sizes:

  • Low, one-time setup fee
  • Monthly charge based on number of bottles and taps (example: one location with less than 75 bottles is < $300/month)
  • Six-month contract, followed by month-to-month thereafter

Keep pours honest and consistent with BarVision—it’s like having a tiny bar manager in every bottle. We show our clients what’s creating unrealized revenue, so they can turn more pours into profits.


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Special Offer for Liquor Monitoring:

US Foods customers receive a $700 discount off the $1,200 one-time upfront fee, plus 20% off the recurring monthly fee through December 31, 2020.

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